Meet the Author: Ed Gray

26 May 2016

On Thursday, May 26, 2016, author Ed Gray joined us to talk about his new book, “Left in the Wind.”

Most Americans have heard the story of Roanoke, the first English colony. In 1587, 118 men, women, and children settled at the site, and then later vanished without a trace. They left behind only one clue: the word “CROATOAN,” carved into a tree. But where did they go?

In “Left in the Wind,” Gray offers one possible answer to this enduring question in the form of a fictional diary of Emme Merrimoth, a real Roanoke colonist. The diary brings readers on the harrowing journey across the Atlantic that brought the colonists to America and into the difficult early days of establishing a colony in the untamed North Carolina landscape. As the colonists struggle to survive in a new land, Emme finds herself in the middle of a series of dangerous conflicts—both between the colonists and the native people of Roanoke as well as strife within the colony itself.

“Left in the Wind” is an engrossing work of historical fiction that studies both the grand mystery of Roanoke and the quieter secrets of one woman’s life.

There will be a wine and cheese reception following Ed Gray’s presentation. Books will be available for purchase, courtesy of Barrett Bookstore. The Darien Library is cosponsoring this event with the Middlesex Genealogical Society.

About the Author Ed Gray was the founding editor of the revered Gray’s Sporting Journal where he discovered and edited the early fiction of E. Annie Proulx, Rick Bass and many others who have gone on to distinguished writing careers. He subsequently founded Graybooks Publishers and Aisle Seat Books, where he originated and developed the concept of Movie Length Tales. He is also the author of a dozen books of essays and other writings.

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