Meet the Author: Marcia Clark in Conversation with John Valeri

08 Jul 2014

On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, Marcia Clark, author of The Competition, was in conversation with John Valeri, columnist for the Hartford Books Examiner.

Since launching onto the national stage while prosecuting O. J. Simpson during the “Trial of the Century” in the 1990s, Marcia Clark has become one of the best-known prosecutors of our time. In 2011, Clark made a new name for herself when her signature mix of riotous humor and visceral action marked her arrival as a major figure on the crime-writing scene. Since then, the publication of her first three novels—Guilt by Association, Guilt by Degrees, and Killer Ambition—has been met with an outpouring of media attention and accolades.

There’s no denying that Clark is a brilliant storyteller who works readers the way an expert trial lawyer works a jury. The Competition, her most assured novel in the Rachel Knight series, is a powerful testament to the fact that Clark is at the top of her game.

Download this video: ( M4V )

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