Connecticut in the American Revolution

08 Jan 2018

Despite being one of the Nation’s smaller states, Connecticut played an extraordinarily large role in the American War for Independence. Connecticut government, people, and industry helped pave the way to a remarkable victory against the superpower of the 18th Century. But it was not without cost, as Connecticut was repeatedly invaded by British forces during the war. This presentation reviews the importance of Connecticut and those whose actions proved significant during the eight years of conflict.

So, grab your cocked hat and buckled shoes, your quill pen and paper for a visit to Connecticut’s Revolutionary past.

About the Presenter

Eric Chandler is retired from a 30+ year career as an underwriter for a leading land title insurance company. He has been involved in American Revolutionary War Living History since 1974. He has portrayed infantry, light infantry, whale-boat raider, and mounted and dismounted dragoons. His artistic endeavors included writing and recording a comedy CD, and decades as a musician playing saxes in area Rock & Roll and Blues bands. To his credit, or shame, he had his likeness used in an issue of MAD Magazine. Eric is enjoying retirement with his wife Catherine, taking classes, giving lectures on historical topics and continuing to live history.

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