The Russian Revolution: January 1905-December 1917

23 Oct 2017

On Monday, October 23, 2017, Mark Albertson presented the second lecture in his Russian Revolution lecture.

This four-week series traces one of the defining events of the 20th century: The Russian Revolution. The journey will begin with an explanation of Marx’s and Engel’s Communist Manifesto, culminating with Stalin’s rise to power. The collapse of the Romanovs will be showcased followed by the rise of the Bolsheviks. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and others will be profiled. Central to this four-week sojourn into history will be the irrevocable changes sweeping across Europe following the French Revolution; focusing, of course, on the collapse of Czarist Russia and the advent of Bolshevik Russia; hence, the Soviet Union.

Week 2: Revolution in Russia: January 1905-December 1917

Week 2 will cover the Russo-Japanese War, a Provisional Government and end with the Bolsheviks seizing power in November 1917.

Can’t make the live event? Check out the video recording at

About the Presenter

Mark Albertson is the historical research editor at Army Aviation magazine and is a long-time member of the United States Naval Institute. In addition, Mark teaches history at Norwalk Community College. His courses include: World War I and Iraq: Creation of Colonialism; A History, Vietnam; A History, World War I; The Turning Points of World War II; The Great Patriotic War: The Titanic Clash Between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union; and American Empire: Grand Republic to Corporate State. In May 2005, Mark was presented with a General Assembly Citation by both houses of the state legislature in Hartford for his effort in commemorating the centennial of battleship Connecticut.

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