Be Prepared: Darien Responders Panel and Q&A

21 Sep 2017

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, a panel of nine first responders, and other Darien officials answered questions.

Darien’s Emergency Responders, including the Deputy Fire Marshall, Darien Police Department, and more for a brief talk on Darien’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. Bring any questions you may have for an interactive Q&A session. Panelists:

Mark P. McEwan, Darien Deputy Fire Marshall Bob Buch, Darien Fire Marshal Robert Shreders, Lieutenant Darien Police Department David Knauf, Darien Director of Health Jayme Stevenson, Darien First Selectman Ali Ramsteck, Darien Director of Human Services Hayden Edwards, President of Post 53 Nancy Herling, Director of Post 53 Alan Kirk Gray, Darien Library Director

Download this video: ( MP4 )

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