Music in the Age of Romanticism: Schubert, Chopin, and Brahms

26 Jul 2017

On Wednesday, August 2, 2017, Dr. Gil Harel presented the third part in his classical music lecture series.

With the death of Beethoven in 1827, composers of the century attempted to emerge from the shadow of the maestro. This took them in new musical directions, where innovation and originality were of paramount importance. From the songs of Schubert to the ├ętudes of Chopin, to the mighty symphonies of Brahms, we will explore this century through the lens of some of its most storied figures.

About the Presenter

Gil Harel (PhD, Brandeis University) is a musicologist and music theorist whose primary research focuses on the choral music of J.S. Bach. In addition to baroque vocal music, his musical interests include styles ranging from jazz to popular music, as well as opera, renaissance music, and contemporary genres. In addition to serving on the faculty at Baruch College in New York City, Gil has lectured at Brandeis University and has taught at the Allegro Music School in Natick, Massachusetts. In 2014, he was appointed Assistant Director of the Jewish Studies Center at Baruch College. He is also an experienced jazz pianist and tenor vocalist who has performed with various groups in the New York/New England area.

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